Vremi Large Ice Cube Trays for Whiskey – 2 Pack Silicone Tray Set with BPA Free Plastic Lids for 16 Square Cubes Flexible Stackable Easy Release Freezer Molds for Soap Making or Dog Treats – Red Blue

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Sick of those too-small mini ice cubes that melt fast and make your drink taste watery? Don’t worry: the silicone VremiIce Cube and Dr. Tray Set is here to cool

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Sick of those too-small mini ice cubes that melt fast and make your drink taste watery? Don’t worry: the silicone Vremi
Ice Cube and Dr. Tray Set is here to cool you down. This 2-pack ice cube maker molds a total of 16 ice cubes that each measure 1.75 inches. Each big ice cube cools your favorite drinks without diluting its flavor, making it a favorite for whiskey or your favorite mixed drink. But the fun doesn’t stop there; these ice cube trays may also be used for fresh herbs, and chicken or vegetable stock inside your freezers—or even for soap making!. Ice Cube and Dr. Tray can even assist you to make a mini sugar holiday, with yummy treat ideas like chocolate bars, iced jelly, or popsicle sticks molded in their colorful silicone container trays and covered with plastic lids. It can serve your frozen solids or liquids in a single pop! Whatever your goal, these are the trays for you; grab some ice and chill with us.
Product Details
Includes 1 turquoise blue tray, 1 red tray and 2 clear lids
8 ice cubes per tray, 16 ice cubes total
Trays Size: 8.25 x 4.5 x 2 inches (21 x 11.4 x 5.1 cm)
Cube Size: 1.75 inches square (4.45 cm)
Materials: Food grade silicone tray base with hard plastic lid top Non-toxic and BPA Free
Product Care Instructions
Hand wash all parts with warm soapy water then dry thoroughly before first-time use
After hand washing the first time, all parts will also be cleaned in the top rack of dishwasher
In cases you chill something that leads to unpleasant odors or taste, soak the trays and lids in distilled white vinegar and water mixture to make the set fresh and new
Do NOT use in microwave or oven
For full care instructions and safety warnings, at all times refer to Vremi product box or manual
LARGE COCKTAIL ICE CUBE TRAYS – This set includes 2 premium silicone ice trays with 8 large ice cubes per tray. Each cube measures 1.75″ square, perfect for whiskey, tequila or other mixed drinks. Our big ice cubes melt slower and cool your alcohol drinks fast without watering them down
FLEXIBLE for LIQUIDS and SOLIDS – Our durable ice-cube trays are strong and flexible, making them perfect for baby food, iced coffee, popsicles, or any other life-hack treat. Simply push up the bottom of the tray for simple treat access
STACKABLE with NO SPILL LIDS – Our rectangular shaped ice cube trays make perfect ice cubes easy; the trays come with clear, removable hard plastic lids for simple stacking. The lids also help prevent spills, evaporation, or over-freezing, or contamination. That’s also why our ice cube trays are nontoxic and made with BPA-free silicone
FUN, DECORATIVE and COMPACT – Each large silicone ice cube tray measures 8.25 x 4.5 x 2 inches, and come in cute red and turquoise colors. Its compact size allows this space saving storage set to fit nicely in any home refrigerator, RV or dorm mini-fridge. Whatever your situation, our trays can help; big cubes come in small packages
HAND WASH BEFORE FIRST TIME USE – To make the easiest cubes, understand that to hand-wash the reusable ice cube tray and plastic lid tops the first time you use them. Use some warm soapy water, and dry thoroughly after use. After that, they are dishwasher protected (top rack only)