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Why Do You Need Ice Cube Molds and Trays

There are many ways to use ice cube molds and trays. Most people use them to freeze not only ice, but also coffee, wine, fruits, yogurt, flowers, and so on. But they can be used not only to create sugary drinks and desserts but also for ordinary dishes, skin care and in everyday life. Let’s see how we can use ice cube molds and trays.


Quick “Correct” Meatballs

If you do not have the strength and patience for a long and tedious sculpt smooth neat balls of meatballs, make cubes using a mold for ice.

Egg Whites

Frozen egg whites retain all their properties and are perfectly saved. The very thing for you in baking.

Chicken Bouillon

Yes, you can even freeze it. And add, for example, in the sauce.

Green Cubes

You can freeze chopped greens both in olive or sunflower oil and in melted cream. You can do without oil, however, as without molds, but with them, it is more convenient. You can boldly throw these cubes in soup, steamed vegetables, stews, meat and fish – anywhere.

Portion Cubes With Pesto Sauce

Appreciate this idea when making pasta.

Tomato Washers

You can also freeze the remains of tomato sauce and fresh tomato puree in the ice molds and trays. Another idea for their preparation – dehydration. An ordinary oven will help you in this.


Also can be frozen. Japanese food is not against it.

Skin Care

Scrub For Face

Frozen cosmetics is convenient. Especially in the summer heat.
There are many options. Sugar scrub is intense, but “cucumber + honey” – sparing.
To make it, chop the cucumber finely, add lemon juice and honey to it. Pour mass into molds. Wipe your face with frozen scrub cubes, washing away the remnants of warm water without soap, but after 15–20 minutes. This time is enough for a skin to absorb all the vitamins.

Aloe Juice

You can freeze aloe juice. Periodically wipe your face with cubes. It tones and cools.

Cucumber Ice

And this is a more complex combination that will suit any skin type. Mix cucumber juice with lemon juice and aloe. Add turmeric and mint leaves, freeze in ice trays.


Green Tea

It will help to remove the circles under the eyes and remove puffiness. Brew strong green tea (only green), freeze and rub the skin around the eyes.


This is a recipe for sensitive skin. Spread the chamomile decoction in containers and put to the refrigerator. These cubes perfectly “wake up” and bleach the skin, improve blood microcirculation, and also narrow pores.
By the way, with the help of cosmetic ice, you can do an effective face massage. The main thing is to move along the required lines. Do the procedure a couple of times a week after the bathroom, when the skin is already steamed. You will need several ice cubes. Complete the procedure by applying a nourishing cream on the face (also along the massage lines).


Everyday Life

Original Candles And Handmade Soap

The ice mold is perfect for making candles and handmade soap (for the latter, you will need either soap residue or soap base). It is better if the form is made of silicone. Finished products are easier to extract from it.

Organizer For Needlewomen

Ice trays can also be adapted for storing various small things – beads and hand-made accessories.

Sorter For Kids

Adult children like to fit ice molds under ice cream, but even kids will appreciate them. Caring parents can present such containers as a sorter. It is useful in games with substances that can be easily lost. They, by the way, are extremely necessary for the development of motor skills and speech. And they help to captivate kids, freeing up time for your affairs.
Also, ice mold is an excellent sorter for cereals.

Drawing Cubes

Paint the water with gouache, freeze it in molds. Be sure to do this with the children.
Put the prepared ice on a sheet of paper. When drawing, hold the cubes with a toothpick to keep your fingers from staining. However, hands after such an exciting engagement can be easily washed.


Sand Mold

Especially convenient in games with kinetic sand.

Pot For Seedlings

A very practical solution for your plants.

As you can see, ice molds and trays should be urgently got and used. Perhaps, not even as intended. In general, the thing is universal. And did you remember the last time you used your ice molds?

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